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• We show our respect at all times for each other, for property, for differences,     and for opinions different from our own.
• We accept individuals for who they are.
• We use positive language to strengthen our community.
• We interact with others confidently and humbly.

• We value the qualities of honesty and truthfulness.
• We stand up for what is right, even when others do not.
• We are reliable and responsible.
• We do the right thing, especially when no one is looking.

• We do not make excuses for ourselves and we take ownership of our actions.
• We show our self-control at all times and refrain from hurting others physically and emotionally.
• We resolve conflict by choosing options that will produce positive outcomes.
• We work and study hard.

• We will remain focused on our goals and persevere.
• We are committed to the highest level of academic, social, and personal achievement.
• We achieve 100 % mastery on all tasks, learning from our mistakes and striving to continually improve.
• We take pride in our efforts and accomplishments, practicing until we can’t get it wrong.

Sports & Enrichment Activities

Every semester, the Fairmount Heights Middle School campus offers after school sports and enrichment activities: Basketball, Soccer, Step, Cheerleading, Volleyball.

Photo of the front of HMS, Great Oaks Legacy Middle School

Fairmount Heights Middle School (HMS)
Grades 5-8
240 14th Avenue, Newark,
NJ 07103

Campus Director:
Victoria Guest

Victoria Williams

Main Office:
(862) 800-7991

Founded: 2019-2020
Current Enrollment: 225

Campus Anti-Bullying Contact:
Victoria Guest